The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can present its members for service to the lodge and council. It dates back to the year 1915, when OA's founder, E. Urner Goodman, became the first Vigil Honor member. Since then, thousands of members have been given this honor. Once an Arrowman has been Brotherhood for at least 2 years, he (or she, in the case of adults) may be considered for Vigil honor by the Lodge members. Generally, only 2% of the Arrowmen in a Lodge will achieve Vigil in any year. It is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who have given exceptional service, helping others beyond the call of duty involving personal effort and unselfish interest to one or more of the following: their lodge, the Order of the Arrow, their Council, Scouting, or their Scout camp. Under no circumstances should tenure in Scouting or the Order of the Arrow be considered as ample reason for a Vigil Honor recommendation. Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. This calls for an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation. Vigil Honor members have a time-honored tradition to uphold. As leaders, they must conduct themselves in accordance with the ideals of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.

Vigil Honor Recipients

Vigil Honor Recipients 2010's
Year Name Indian Name
2018 Joseph Caruso Quiet Guard Fox
  Harrison Gignilliant Busy Gray Fox
  Tommy Kepley Brother Who Speaks True
  William Webb Guard at the Edge of the Water
  Michael Hiller Bear in the Middle of the Winter
  Ron Moseley Chief of Many Eagles
  Charlotte Schroeder One Who Shares Eagle Feathers
  Carolyn Wagner Wise Nurse Who Cares for Others
 2017  Patrick Bailey Leader Who Speaks With Strength
  Wade Fletcher Brother Who Stands Tall
  Hunter Hackett Chief Who Gathers Us Together
  Thomas Johnson Quiet Leader
  Crawford Faller One Who Speaks Kindly
  Guy McAulay Brother Eagle
  Dale Bailey Happy Man Who Sails Up The Water
  Michael Clapp Big Fox Who Climbs Up
  Matt Catoe Messenger Who Helps Others
  Mike Gallagher He Who Gives Honorably
  KT Tripathi Buffalo Who Speaks True
 2016  Jakob Johnson He Who Stands In The Circle
  Alan Port Skillful Musician
  JZ Siokos Mighty Bear Chief
  Sammy Verdino Happy Little Servant
  Jacob Shiver One With A Good Spirit
  Halleck Butts Hard-Working One Who Looks Beyond
  Don Gignilliant Reliable One
  Smith Harrison Silent Gatherer Of Brothers
  Troy McNall Willing Happy Laborer
  Jenks Skipper Keeper Of The Camp
 2015  Caleb Barnes Skilled Little Chicken Dancer
  Riley Dabbs Fox Who Brings Us Together
  Robert Gallagher Calm Leader
  Ryan Salter The Strongest Servant
  Charlie Smith Eagle That Works
  Josh Butts Encouraging Leader
  Scott Kuebler Determined One 
  Daniel Smith Joyful Dancer
  Ryan Stokes Quiet Eagle
  Becky Lewis Wise One Who Encourages
  David Lund Fish Hawk
  Mike Salter Good-Natured Watchman
 2014  David Bailey Bird of the Dance
  Hunter Dabbs Wise Fox
  Kevin O'Dell Quiet Fox
  Jared Woodard Cheerful Warrior
  Patrick Grandstaff Helper
  Ron Kuebler Spiritual Guide 
  Barbara Luksik Mother of Twilight 
  Barry Sebaugh Bear with Heart as the World
2013  Brantley Carter Seeker of Knowledge
  Kevin Desrochers Strong Spirited Eagle
  Ethan Dilley He Who Helps Others
  Carter Edenfield Graceful Singer
  Joey Eppich Thick Legged Traveler
  Mac Kelly-Stover Cheerful Bear
  Jacob Luksik Eagle at Twlight
  Colt Protheroe Guards the Path of Leadership
  Robert Underwood To Speak the Exact Truth
  Robert Dabbs Happy Teacher
  Julie Delger Experienced Animal Doctor
  Jim Fisher Humble Servant
  Darrin Luksik Trusted Guide
2012 Matthew Barnes Dancer Who Drums
  Stuart Park Eagle Who Speaks Much
  John Weir Laboring Eagle
  Brian Crooks Warrior Dancer
  Josiah Peeler To Stand in the Circle
  Kenton Dilley Warrior Who Walks Humbly
  Jeff Grandstaff Skillful On Who Quietly Does Good
  Jerry Ott Patient Father
  RI Smith Servant to Brethren
  Jay Hennig, III unknown
 2011  Kyle Corey He Who Follows the Arrow
  Frederik Holm Traveler Fixed in Purpose
  Christopher Neal Wild Indian Man
  Connor Sharpe Friendly Snake-Master
  Mark Baldino unknown
  Troy Forster Valued Servant Leader
  Jay Leeper Skillful Teacher
  Ronald Rudd Skillful Outdoors Guide
 2010  Chase Crowder Willing One
  Jonathan Haines Kind Hearted Brother
  Johnathan Kent One Who Cooks Well
  Jared Ott Strong Hunter
  Brian Parks Good Spirited and Helpful Friend
  Ryan Turbeville Quiet Servant
  David Bauer Willing Builder
  Kathy Bauer Caring Water Guard
  Bill Fort Bright Bird Head
  Lynn Turbeville Mother Eagle
  Greg Turbeville Beaver Who Speaks Loudly
  Dan Wagner Strong Teacher


Vigil Honor Recipients 2000's
Year Name Indian Name
 2009   Brandon Crooks Dancer Who Cooks 
  Matthew Forster Stranger with Willful Heart 
  Clay Johnson Peaceful Thunder Fox 
  Andrew Sears Fast Feather Dancer 
  Bruce Cannon Silver Buffalo 
  Scott Desrochers Wise Protector 
  Kevin Kent Hard Laborer Who Makes One Happy 
  William McCrackin One Who has Knowledge to Share
 2008   Jamie Spitzer Friendly Traveler 
  Justin Desrocher Strong Hearted Friend 
  Alex Cartledge Eagle Who is Greatly Honored 
  Jeff Will Animal Doctor 
  Carol Haines Wise Mother Who Cares for Many 
  Sherry Bailey Reliable Servant 
 2007   Jimmy "Newt" Grant  Quiet Newt who Serves 
  John Michael Roby Unseen Servant Friend 
  Justin Hall Spiritual Servant Leader 
  Brandon Poole Accomplished Dancer 
  Emmitt Sherron Wise Teacher 
  Rick Born  Chief Nurse 
  Tony McCluney Hard Working Servant 
  Tracy Macpherson Doctor Who Heals Little Ones 
 2006   Keith Barron, Sr.  Spiritual Healer 
  Don Gibson Great River Chief Who Walks Humbly 
  Geoffrey Hardin He Who Speaks Often and Goes Upward 
  Velda Howard Loving Mother Who Helps Others 
  Skyler Hutto Confident Guide of the Red Foxes 
  Dallas Jackson Preacher of the Word 
  Rusty Suydam Hunter 
  Mark Whitman One Who Helps Younger Brothers 
 2005   Luke Bower One Who Gives Back 
  Robert Harris Silent Hard Worker 
  William McCormick Enthused Leader 
  Wes Sears Grass Dancer 
  Mason Thomas Loyal Leader and Servant 
  David Barron Cal-Minded Leader 
  Stanley Haines Joiner oF Cheerfulness and Service 
  Gene Clark He Who Walks Humbly 
  Luther Lown Cloth Trader 
  Vicki Wheatley Reliable One Who Cares 
  David White Humble Messenger 
  Michael D. Farrell He Who Carries Burdens Cheerfully 
 2004   Blake Parsons  Strong Spiritous Brother 
  Chris Browy Lead Singer 
  Bobby Bloom Brother Bear 
  Robert Sears Diligent Teacher 
  Stan Haines Hard Working Eagle 
  Cliff Parsons Eagle Heart 
 2003   Nate Bloom Nighthawk
  David Goza Seeker of Greater Knowledge
  Craig Wheatley One Who Delivers
  Glen Green He Who Is Able
  David Farrell unknown
  John E. Sifford Thundering Buffalo
  Dana Fleming Willing Servant
  Palmer Wheatley Quiet One Who Cares
  Christopher Hardin unknown
  Bill Eisele unknown
 2002   Bob Hamilton Beaver Who Gives Laughter
  Terry Goza Diligent Wood Cutter
  Skip Hardin He Who Speaks Truly
  Steve Hunt One Who Encourages
  Keith Barron, Jr Unseen Servant
  Greg Hunt He Who Leads Quietly
  Jay Tucker Humble One Who Does Good Work
  Eric Wessinger Quiet Laborer
 2001   Hunter Eisele Quiet Merchant
  Jeff Bloom Good-Natured One
  Thad Mobley Helps Along Younger Brothers
  Jonathan Campbell Humble Dancer
  Christine McNeill Willful Teacher
 2000   Jonathan Hardin Diligent Seeker of Knowledge
  George Faller War Eagle
  Mary Hull Strong Parent
  Larry Parrish Helpful One
  Joseph Zac Cartledge Drum Beater
  Steven Galloway Eagle Dance


Vigil Honor Recipients 1990's
Year Name Indian Name
 1999   Hardy Childers Nimble One
  Lloyd Cartledge Peaceful One
  Robert Cope Diligent One
  Fred Descy He Who Serves
  Henry Wessinger Laughing One
  Steve Galloway Buffalo
  Jamie McIntosh Ground Squirrel
  Matt Baskins Modest Laborer
 1998   Eric Albert Quiet Slane
  Chuck Bland Silent Helper
  John M. Graham Skilful Building
  Johnny Hull Spirited Dancer
  James Jordan Wise Traveler
  Bryce Plexico One Who Holds The Knowledge
 1997   Dave Cartledge Humble Laborer
  Brian Evans Confident Leader
  Carl Horn Strong Bear
  Sam Long He Who Keeps A Promise
  Archie Maddox Servant of the Lord
  Greg Smith Mature Accomplished Leader
  Robert Shull He Who Carries A Load
 1996   Johnnie Brown Knowledgable One
  Barbara Butler-Long First Woman
  Jesse Garvin Great Fire
  Greg McDaniel Active One
 1995   Jose "Ace" Acevedo He Who Makes One Happy
  Al Green Wood Duck
  Adam Lamkin One Who Is Hightly Esteemed
  Mike McIntosh He Who Enjoys Dancing
 1994   Charlie Gwinn Generous One
  Scott Lyons Cheerful Laborer
  Andrew Hall Loyal Dancer
 1993   Wain Westbury Spiritual Teacher
 1992   Chris Stock Silent Leader
  Jeffery Cook Fast Running Deer
  Chad Satcher Unseen Laborer
 1991   Creg Bradley Silent Leader
  Henry Hall To Shine Light Unto Someone
  Paul Hudson Scholar
  Brian Kitts Amusin One
 1990   Regie Bedenbaugh One Who Can Be Trusted
  Jimmy Feagin Firemaker
  Justin Ferrick He Who Is Prepared
  Bryan Hanna Humble One
  Paul Miller One Who Can Carry A Load
  Scott Pennington Loyal One


Vigil Honor Recipients 1980's
Year Name Indian Name
 1989  Tripp Bradley One Who Is Ready
  Scott Ellison One Who Is Able
  Mikee Johnson Hard Worker
  J.C. Jones Cook
 1988  Brian Carpenter Determined One
  Matthew Delk Hopeful One
  Richard Hudson Teacher
  Dexter Loeble One Who Grows Fast
  Paul Mitchell Father
  George Weathers Bearface
 1987  Tom Baker One Who Does Good For Others
  Robert Barron Bookreader
  Boyd Gilpin Excited One
 1986  Tommy Feagin Sensitive One
  Aubrey Haynes Overseer
 1985  Joe Agostini One Who Delivers
  Lee Haynes Contented One
  Ranny Keys Collector
  Jim Leventis One Who Does Good Work
  Mike Senn Companion
  Jody Styron One Who Carries A Load
 1984  David Davis Helpful One
  Marvin Downaig One Who Gets Attention
  Jay Folk Small One
  Bobby McGuirt Fast Dancer
  Ollie Quickmire Canoe Man
  Bud Shuler Humble One
  Frank Staley One Who Waits
 1983  Troy Carpenter Young Deer
  Tripp Clark He Who Is Prepared
  Gus Eubanks Comrade
 1982  John Carpenter Reliable One
  Paul Kirby One Who Has Good Spirit
  Bill Loeble Trader
  Bryant O'Tuel One Who Gets Attention
 1981  Mike Bernhard He Who Is Concerned
  Chris Duncan One Who Exerts Himself
  Andrew Gorgey One Who Exerts Himself
  Jack Neal Gracious One
  Rick Roberts Calm Minded One
  Art Seel To Labor Hard
 1980  Mike Brugh To Labor Hard
  Ron Flaherty He Speaks A Good Word To Us
  David Cray Bald Eagle
  Johnny Mellette To Rely On
  William O'Tuel Straight Dancer
  Jerry Stewart To Be Good Natured


Vigil Honor Recipients 1970's
Year Name Indian Name
1979 Mike Copeland Old Dancer
  Ralph Foster Writer
  Devadas Lynton One Who Gives Direction
  Emory Markwood Hiker
  Tommy Mattox Little Chief
 1978  Charlie Fitzsimmons Dancer
  Neal Smith Secretary
  Freddy Sox Determined One
  Carl Bailey Thin One
  Woody Carothers One Who Instructs
  Jay Epting Diligent One
  George Fant Chief
  Bruce Howell Book Reader
  Jack Montgomery One Who Has Authority
  Scott Browy Worker, Hard Worker
 1977  NONE  
 1976  Eric Carr First
  John A. Gay Quiet One
  Charles Green, Jr. Thinker
  Joe S. Jones Discerning One
  James C. Smith Instructing One
  L. Yon Suber Diligent One
 1975  Al Gilpin Active One
  Francis Herndon Experienced One
  Tom Hill Thin One
 1974  Kenneth H. Allen Leader
  David A. Butterfield Runner
  Frank Herndon Little Canoe
  Michael E. Hodges Camper
  Brad Hutto Helpful One
  Edgar R. Millard Counselor
  Albert W. Welch He Who Does Good For Others
 1973  Chuck Bowen Loud Speaker
  Joseph Christie, Jr. Good Natured One
  William M. McCullar Large One
  Jessie K. Osterhoudt Swimmer
 1972  John Coleman One Who Creates With His Hands
  Ted Grandy Strong One
  R.L. Hartman, Jr. Big Boy
  Rodger Truax Preacher
 1971  none known  
 1970  Richard E. Chalk, Jr. Big Boy
  William W. Coleman Valuable One


Vigil Honor Recipients 1960's
Year Name Indian Name
 1969  Ronnie Collins Strong One
  Edward M. Craig, Jr. Teacher
  Terry L. Foster Wounded One
  John W. Hall Understanding One
  William Rotereau Strong One
 1968  Ben Covington unknown
 1967  Arthur Brown Patient One
  L.H. Buff, Jr. Teacher
  Ernest C. Franks Fast Talker
  William E. Presnall Lightning
  Robert B. Robinson Well Behaved
 1966  none known  
 1965  Larry Bridgers Laughing One
  Jerry Ellisor Patient One
  Earl Fullmer Well Behaved
  Albert P. Lyons III Cut Finger
  John Mincey Little Man
  James A. Teeter, Jr. Fast Talker
  Joe Turner Well Behaved
 1964  Jame H. Branham Camper
  Thomas Bright He Who Walks Alone
  Robert Davis Turtle
  Davis M. Durham Shot in the Leg
  Dewey R. Miller One Who Encourages
  Joseph Patterson Little Man
 1963  Frank I. Feller, Jr. The Patient One
  Larry W. Lineburger The Loud Talker
  Jere Ratcliffer Little Leader
  Karey D. Waldrop Great Bear
 1962  Robert Campbell Boat Traveler
  William K. Easterling Goose Hunter
  Henry H. Hemble One Who Practices Much
  Jimmy McClary Silly Horse
  Walter O'Cain One Who Encourages
  Wes Shuler Fast Talker
 1961  Phil Adams Big Wolf
  William Rodgers, Jr. The Moose
 1960  Stan Hurteau Beaver
  Bill Rodgers Medicine Man


Vigil Honor Recipients 1950's
Year Name Indian Name
 1959  Matthews Black Quiet Leader
  Frank Bonnell Rawhide
  Harvey Kitchens Big Bear
 1958  H. Cooper Black The Swimmer
  Robert Buchannan Wise Owl
  Kenneth B. Hopper unknown
 1957  none known  
 1956  George Bames The Naturalist
  Buford Hill, Jr. The Canoeist
  Stan Eubanks unknown
 1955  none known  
 1954  W. B. Chandler Big Beaver
  Ralp E. Grier Bold Eagle
  Chalton L. Sligh Black Bear