step one: before the event

Summary: gather pre-registration data, enter into OA LodgeMaster (OALM), print check-in rosters for event.

step one a: pre-registration data sources

Almost all registration is done on BlackPug (; although a few still pay directly at the Scout office.

- BlackPug (

BlackPug can generate a "Attendee Listing by Registrant Type" that lists registrants and if they paid online. Select this link for a step-by-step example. BlackPug also supports export/import, however it matches by the BSA ID or the OALM ID; neither of which is currently available in BlackPug.

- Scout Shop

Some participants will pay directly at the Scout office; although we discourage this. The Scout office (NOT the Scout Shop) can generate an "Item Sales Report" from SellWise that lists registrants that paid directly to the Scout office. I have attached an EXAMPLE copy of the item sales report from the 2014 Spring Fellowship to show how to extract data for OALM.

- Red Fox Card holders

While Red Fox card holders are automatically registered for all Lodge events (excluding Dixie which is a Section event), we ask them to also register via BlackPug. This helps us get an accurate count for ordering food.

step one b: entering participant data into an event OA LodgeMaster (OALM)

All brothers (or candidates) that indicate they are attending an event must be added to the event in OALM.

The following screen shots from OALM 3.3.8 show what data is entered for each participant. Log-in to OALM, select "Event Manager" from the ribbon bar, select the event from the list.

When you select "Add Attendee" from the ribbon bar you are presented with the following screen:

MEMBER: If the member has already been added to the event you will NOT be able to add a second time.

ROLE: enter "Red Fox", "Member", or "Candidate" (Ordeals only) into the Role: field. Several reports use this field, so it is very important not to leave blank. If you accidently do, just "Edit Attendee" to enter their role. This field is clairvoyant and will populate as soon as you begin typing.

REGISTERED DATE: Enter the date they registered for the event; either from the BlackPug report or Item Sales detail from SellWise at the Scout office.

PAID IN FULL: check the box for all Red Fox holders and participants that are paid in full.

NOTE: for Red Fox card member we ONLY need ROLE, REGISTERED DATE, and PAID IN FULL. You can leave all other fields blank.

DATE PAID: usually the same as registered date. However, some will register on BlackPug and pay later at the Scout shop.

AMOUNT PAID: self explanatory

RECEIPT NUMBER: either the "Reg Number" from BlackPug or the "Trans #" from the item sales report from the Scout shop.

PAYMENT METHOD: for pre-registration enter "BlackPug" or "Scout office". During on-site registration to indicate payment method (check, cash, credit card, etc.). This helps after

step one c: printing event pre-registration roster OA LodgeMaster (OALM)

Once all the data is entered into OALM print the "Event Check-in Roster" from OALM. From the Event Manager screen select the event and then on the left side under 'filters' select the "Event CHECK-IN" view. This view is separated by candidate, member, and Red Fox. You can print (or save to PDF) the view from the "Grid Report" icon on the ribbon bar. I recommend save to PDF and then printing multiple copies. Printing in color makes it much easier to see members who have not paid for the event or have not paid their dues.

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