The Spring Ordeal March 12-14

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Congratulations upon your election as a candidate for the Order of the Arrow. You can take great pride in being selected by your fellow Scouts, but realize that you are now only a candidate for membership. A greater thrill awaits you when you become a member of the Order and are decorated with the Order of the Arrow sash. This happens when you have successfully completed the Ordeal. Anyone who has been elected since February 1, 2019 is eligible to attend this ordeal; normally eligibility only lasts one year, however due to Covid-19 pandemic event cancellations, the eligibility window has been extended.

Your next opportunity to participate in the Ordeal will be 12-14 March 2021 at Camp Barstow. To prepare for this event you should:

  • Register to attend the Ordeal by clicking HERE. 
  • Pay the $50.00 ordeal fee online. 
  • Bring a copy of your current BSA Health and Medical Record to camp (parts A & B -- NO doctor signature required).
  • Determine how you will get to and from camp. Plan to arrive at camp on Friday evening between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. Dinner is NOT provided Friday night, so eat before you arrive or bring a bag supper.  

We want you to have an exciting yet safe experience in your Ordeal. Its tests are physically challenging. You will leave the comforts of home behind you. You will walk a lot and exert yourself physically on a restricted diet. If you have a permanent physical or medical problem or dietary restrictions which could limit your participation, please notify the Ordeal Chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would like to make advance plans so that you can have the very best possible experience.

If you become ill just before the Ordeal, stay in bed. If you currently have any temporary physical or medical problem which could limit your participation, we strongly encourage you to wait until the problem passes. We will be happy to help you make alternative plans.

If you are unable to attend this Ordeal, there will be another opportunity in 12-15 August 2021 but only if it has been less than two years since your election. You will find an equipment list on the "Ordeal Candidate Letter"; please review it carefully. We look forward to your joining us in membership in the Order of the Arrow.

Download the Ordeal Candidate Letter

Download the BSA Health form HERE.

There will be a callout Friday night. All candidates who have been elected but have not yet been called-out will have the opportunity to be called out on Friday night.

Chapter Campsite Assignments

Maskus Woakus - Congaree
Sukeu Sipo - Congaree (small Adirondack)
Tschitanek Woakus - Saluda
Tschitaneu Aptonagan - Edisto

The Adirondacks will not be available, all scouts and scouters will be required to camp in tents.