29 September 2016

Dixie 2017 Registration on BlackPug

Catawba Lodge and Muscogee Lodge will register for Dixie 2017 AND pre-order Dixie merchandise online using BlackPug.

Tsali Lodge will pre-order Dixie merchandise online using BlackPug. They will register through their Lodge.

All other Lodges in SR5 will register for Dixie 2017 AND pre-order Dixie merchandise through their Lodge. 

BlackPug is online registration software designed by Scouters for Scouters. Since 2009 BlackPug has been providing flexible online registration for Scout Councils and their volunteers. Indian Waters Council and Muscogee Lodge have been using BlackPug to manage online registration for ALL Lodge events for several years. This year we are adding an online Dixie Trading Post.

Registration through BlackPug is fairly intuitive. The step-by-step instructions below are designed to assist first time registrants.

STEP 1 - go to https://scoutingevent.com/553-2017DixieFellowship. Select the blue "Register" button.


STEP 2 - enter the number of participants you are registering for Dixie AND/OR the number of merchandise only in the quantity by your Lodge. If you are only registering yourself the enter "1". If you are entering multiple participants (attending Dixie and ordering merchandise only) enter the total number. If this is your FIRST time registering select the "Register Now" button. If you are editing a registration select "Existing Registration" and enter your 9-digit registration number (553xxxxxx). 


NOTE: all registrants will be checked against the Lodge dues paid roles. Non-Lodge members who pre-order merchandise and do NOT pick it up at the Dixie Fellowship at Camp Barstow in April 2017 agree to donate their purchases to the respective Lodge auction box.

STEP 3 - enter the REGISTRANTS name and email. This is the contact information for the person that is doing the registration. If you are only registering one person this is you. If you are registering multiple participants this is who we will contact if there are questions. If you have used BlackPug in the past AND you have set up a myRoster account, you can use that option. MOST PEOPLE will use "Register as Guest".


STEP 4a - this is where you enter information for each participant you are registering. If you entered "2" in the Quantity box on the previous screen you will see 2 "Attendee - Information Needed". Select the "Attendee - Information Needed" for each participant and enter their data.

STEP 4b - each asterisk MUST be completed. First select Attending or Not-Attending. Second add items from the Trading Post. EVERY Participant attending Dixie should select at least ONE participation patch (included in your fee). Those Not-Attending Dixie DO NOT get a free participation patch (although the system will not charge you for the first patch). So if you want five (5) Dixie patches as a Not-Attending Dixie participant, select six (6) from the menu and you will be charged for five (5). [sorry - that is the way the system works now]. If you are Not-Attending Dixie you will NOT be sent a free participation patch.

You can select the Refresh and/or Save blue buttons at any time. Once you have completed entering data for each participant, selected the Save button, and the red yield sign turns to a green check mark you may proceed to Checkout by selecting that tab.

STEP 5a -   

STEP 5b -


Lodge Chief

     Riley Dabbs